Martha Nochimson, Film Critic and Writer / Covering David Lynch, Soap Opera, The Sopranos, David Chase, and Film Writing

Martha P. Nochimson, Film Critic and Writer



While I was making plans for other things, film and media studies found me. And in the spirit of the creative process of my future hero, David Lynch, once it entered my mind, it called to me, growing incrementally until it showed me what part it was to play in my professional life.

I was on a different academic path, teaching English and American literature, when my then very young, but already intellectually adventurous, son, David, found Tania Modleski's book The Women Who Knew Too Much: Hitchcock and Feminist Theory at a book stall near the Plaza Hotel, abutting Central Park in New York City. He gave it to me for my birthday.

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